The 37 postures of the Cheng Man-Ch’ing short form

May 9, 2007

1. Preparation

2. Opening

Grasp peacock’s tail:

3. Left ward off

4. Right ward off

5. Roll back

6. Press

7. Push

8. Single whip

9. Lift hands

10. Shoulder strike

11. White crane spreads its wings

12. Brush knee, twist step -left

13. Play the Chinese lute (pipa)

14. Step forward, deflect downward, intercept, punch

15. Apparent close-up (withdraw, push)

16. Cross hands

17. Embrace tiger, return to the mountain

18. Fist under the elbow

19. Step back, repulse monkey -right

20. Step back, repulse monkey -left

21. Diagonal flying

22. Cloud hands -right

23. Cloud hands -left

24. Lower single whip (snake creeps down)

25. Golden rooster stands on one leg -left

26. Golden rooster stands on one leg -right

27. Separate left foot

28. Separate right foot

29. Turn around, kick with heel

30. Brush knee, twist step -right

31. Step forward, lower punch

32. Jade lady weaves with the shuttle -right

33. Jade lady weaves with the shuttle -left

34. Step up to the seven stars (of the Dipper)

35. Retreat to ride the tiger

36. Turn body, sweep lotus kick

37. Bend the bow to shoot the tiger