June 7, 2007

In 2002 I was the Financial Manager of a multi million $ international shipping company, reporting to the ultimate “Boss from Hell” . The stress levels were incredible, and I found myself doing a lot of soul searching. Neil, my husband, had heard about Dr Yap’s classes from a colleague, who had promoted the de-stressing attributes of Tai Chi. I personally had never had any interest in any form of martial arts up to that point, but Tai Chi sounded like the exercise to meet my requirements. Initially I regarded it as just any other exercise class, but after a few month’s of Dr Yap’s patient teaching, I realized that it had so many other benefits and applications, and it truly was an art. After 5 years of training, I have learned to apply Tai Chi principles in daily life, especially the attitude of “invest in loss”. In 2006, out of the blue, I started experiencing debilitating panic attacks. Dr Yap assisted with a few needles and provided me with some meditation skills, but it was Tai Chi that was of the greatest benefit. If I was aware of the oncoming symptoms, I went through the short form again and again, which would induce a state a calmness, and I would not experience the full blown panic attack. I am in awe of it’s power, and hope to continue tapping into its, and my own, full potential in the years of training to come.